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Emergency Survial Gear

In emergency situations, there are many different scenarios that could play out, and it’s important to be prepared for all of them. Natural disasters can cause power outages and cut off clean water supply. Stores and businesses may close down temporarily to deal with damages, leaving people without access to food or cooking products. People in your family may be injured and unable to get treatment right away. All of these scenarios require different types of survival gear, and we carry pretty much everything you could possibly need!

If you lose access to clean drinking water, things can turn bad quickly, so it is very important to have some sort of water purifier on hand. We have several of those to choose from. If you lose electricity, you will need a way to cook or heat up food or water. We have stoves that run without electricity, and cookware that is safe to use in fires. With our supplies you will never go hungry! If you happen to be hiking or camping and end up lost, stranded, or injured, it will be life changing for you to have a survival kit on hand. These are packed with essential items when it comes to surviving in the wilderness.

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Coghlans Pack Grill Coghlans Pack Grill
Our Price: $6.82 Inc VAT
Coghlans Emergency Survival Bag Coghlans Emergency Survival Bag
Our Price: $17.94 Inc VAT
Coghlans 4D Battery Air Pump Coghlans 4D Battery Air Pump
Our Price: $29.94 Inc VAT
Tex Sport Toilet, Portable Tex Sport Toilet, Portable
Our Price: $29.94 Inc VAT
Attwood 40 Liter Dry Bag Attwood 40 Liter Dry Bag
Our Price: $33.54 Inc VAT
Gerber Gorge Folding Shovel Gerber Gorge Folding Shovel
Our Price: $35.94 Inc VAT
Coleman Pump Rechargable 120v C004 Coleman Pump Rechargable 120v C004
Our Price: $59.94 Inc VAT
SOG VooDoo Hawk Axe SOG VooDoo Hawk Axe
Our Price: $90.00 Inc VAT
Weego Jump Starter 22 Weego Jump Starter 22
Our Price: $131.94 Inc VAT